CO2 Increases "Linked to" Rising Education Costs and More Gun Crimes in Democrat Cities but not Forest Fires. - Granite Grok

CO2 Increases “Linked to” Rising Education Costs and More Gun Crimes in Democrat Cities but not Forest Fires.


If you search the ‘Grok for “wildfires,” you’ll get about 500 hits. If you search ‘Wild Fires‘ that number grows to 700. We’ve had a few thoughts on the topic, almost entirely because the Left clings to the idea that these are all your fault, and by giving them your money and power, it will magically end. Sorry but no.

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No, we’re not giving you more money and power and even if we did wildfires would not magically end. They wouldn’t even be fewer in number.

Even after decades of miserable Democrat “leadership” (a word defined loosely as taking the money you’d have spent on what is important to you and spending it on what is important to them), acres burned continues to be historically low.

All while the so-called bugbear, antagonist, evil villain of the environment, CO2 has risen. Put another way, there is no correlation between the Left’s evil villain – the comfortable western lifestyle you live thanks to cheap, abundant energy – and, well, anything, especially wildfires.

GG US Wildfire acres burned compared to global atmosphric CO2

In this graph, I overlayed the reported number of US acres burned annually by wildfires and the amount of global CO2 in the atmosphere.

It looks remarkably similar to the differences in the cost of public education and proficiency, where cost is the CO2 line, and results are the wildfire line.

The obvious conclusion here is that rising CO2 rates are responsible not for wildfires, hurricanes, tornadoes, rising seas, or the thousands of other things erroneously attributed to climate change, but there may be a Political correlation to the higher cost of pubic education, rising tuition rates, and the growth in crime in cities run by Democrats with those so-called common-sense gun laws they talk about so much.

Years of Democrat rule in red, crime in blue.

This means that the only real part you play in those examples, rising costs, decreased results, more crime, is that you keep electing them. Maybe you should stop?

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Not only will costs and crime go down (and positive results increase), but the odds are good that wildfires will be less devastating too. And, you’ll still have cheap, abundant energy instead of noisy bird choppers, toxic solar panels, and rolling blackouts.

If you like your first-world nation, you can’t keep your first-world nation, if you insist electing and re-electing Democrats. That’s a fact.