"The Cloud Cover Obviously Reduces the Solar Output and Tightens our Electricity Supplies" - Granite Grok

“The Cloud Cover Obviously Reduces the Solar Output and Tightens our Electricity Supplies”

Clouds no sun wires

California made a huge commitment to the idea of green energy. Solar is big on the Left Coast. So, as it turns out, will be rolling blackouts. Why? Because while fossil fuels don’t care about the weather, solar does, and too much reliance on solar is causing Yuge problems for Cali.

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They are having a heatwave, and when it’s hot, you need AC, and when you want AC, you need electricity, and well, here you go.


The main concern is people running air conditioners longer will put a strain on the power grid. Power supplies also could be even tighter, as cloud cover is expected to cause a drop in solar power.

“The cloud cover obviously reduces the solar output and so that further tightens our electricity supplies,” said Anne Gonzales, a California ISO spokeswoman.


Being California, the solution is clear. Cut back, do without, and plan for power outages while they create a commission on the mitigation of cloud cover for a Greener California. A trillion-dollar investment with a three-pronged mission.

  1. Get rid of cloud cover so inefficient and unreliable solar will produce more electricity.
  2. Solve the problem of increased drought as a result of decreased cloud cover.
  3. Decide who to blame for both failures.

This will look familiar. It is the same model for every failed idea Democrats have ever had. A model the would like very much to force on the entire nation.

If you want the promise of rolling blackouts and brownouts, and all the rest of it, by all means, otherwise, take a cue from the apparent failures of Left-Wing laboratories and vote Democrats out before they turn us into California.