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What’s The Connection Between Cosmopolitan Magazine and WMUR’s Words?

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First, here the facts of the case after the announcement of the Grand Jury indictments stemming from the killing of Breonna Taylor, one of the “Say the name!” rallying cries of the Black Lives Matter rioters.

ICYMI: “In Other Words, #BLM is Culturally Appropriating the Beliefs of a White German who Lived in England”

None of the Louisville police at the center of the investigation are being charged with murder. Why? From the searches:

Note that none of the above had been reported to the public by either BLM or the media.

That’s the point of this post.

First, of course, with this news, BLM Louisville immediately put out a tweet that White folks need to pay reparations because, you know, “healing and survival in the midst of this ongoing nightmare”.

Now, with the background set, let’s return to Cosmopolitan magazine (aka “Cosmo”, who is infamous for touting sex tips on its cover as a way to sell their rag (at least the last time I saw it in the supermarket checkout areas). The great advice it has over this is:

Yep, The Bail Project:  bailing out all those Peaceful Protesters that have been using Mostly Peaceful Molotov cocktails, Mostly Peaceful Bricks thrown at windows and police. Mostly Peaceful Protesters assaulting police with frozen water bottles (and in the latest case, an aluminum baseball bat to the back of the head of a cop). Throwing “milkshakes” of quick-drying cement at those branded as enemies of the movement and causing chemical burns. and, of course, verbally assaulting and swarming NH GOP Committeeman Chris Agar when he was in DC for the Trump event on the White House lawn. Among other activities, you know, actual riot actions of causing over $2 Billion of damage to private property.

Protesters…my butt!

The Bail Project – helping out rioters that get nailed by prosecutors and District Attorneys not on the George Soros payroll and actually need to be bailed out. Funded by supporters of Dementia Joe and Toes Up Kamala among others – nice to know whose side of Law and Order the Democrats support. These are the people you want running the country, supporting those that flaunt one of the major Pillars of our Republic – the Rule of Law?

And the Bail Project – whose employee rented and drove the U-Haul truck carrying all that Peaceful Protester material to be used SECONDS after the Kentucky AG announced the indictments.

Who owns Cosmo? Remember that question for a bit


Now, the intent behind this second part of this post has now fallen apart because I can’t find the damn segment that started this whole post in the first place. WMUR was reporting on the Taylor story and had “thrown it over” to their “Washington bureau” where Sally Kidd was doing the reporting.  I nearly lost it when I heard words to the effect that Taylor had been shot while sleeping in her bed. THAT had been debunked a long time ago (it has been six months since she was killed) yet WMUR ran with that lie. And it wasn’t just me as TMEW also heard the words and, ahem, me as well.

I normally don’t report on something I can’t back up with supporting links. I’d use the exact wording that I heard (I’ve transcribed a lot from WMUR in the past years) but there’s nothing on site that I can find that even mentions it. You’d think that the single multi-million dollar operation State-wide TV station would actually keep at least SOME of their newscasts online for a bit, right? Or keep some segments of it around that continue to be in the current news cycle? However, in searching through the WMUR site, there’s nothing there. It’s as if it has been scrubbed. You’d think that with a story like Taylor’s along with all of the rioting going one and her name being constantly used as justification, WMUR would have plenty on her as they’ve been reporting on BLM for a while now.

  • Search on Breonna Taylor – one hit: just an interview with BLM Manchester. Period. None of their actual reporting
  • Search on BLM – 129,213 results. Go ahead, do the search yourself and look at their results. Absolutely worthless – nothing on topic
  • Search on Black Lives Matter – 29 results with only the one interview being of any relevance

So this time I can only rely on that which I heard: shot in bed.

So, who owns WMUR?

Same San Francisco company that owns Cosmo: the Hearst Corporation The coincidence is…..troubling. But this post is just about one incidence of a coincidence – a narrative it doesn’t make. But when assembled across the wide spectrum, it makes a bit more sense.  I’ve noticed that the MSM is really downplaying the rioting; the operative wording is “mostly Peaceful protests” – but the Right of Center media, especially we in the Right blogosphere, have been showing and talking about the “Baghdad Bob” syndrome of these Democrats with bylines.

And enough “incidence” of the MSM have flashed by my eyes and ears to detect a pattern; too bad I didn’t take down the notes I should have (can I throw the “fire hose” card now?). So I’m left with a weak ending to what I thought would be a much stronger post.

At least the facts above may help someone else.



An aside: Too often, I hear that civilians shouldn’t have guns because they don’t have the gun training (and thus, accuracy?) of law enforcement. Cosgrove fired 16 times, Mattingly fired six shots, Hankison fired 10 times for a total of 32 shots. Only six found their mark (and triggered this tragedy that has been turned into a political agenda). Taylor was hit six times by the police (I have seen no references to whether or not Walker was hit). That’s a 19% hit ratio.

The civilian boyfriend, Walker, fired once. He, unfortunately, did wound Mattingly with that one shot and severed his femoral artery. I have no idea what kind of firearms training he has had.

Yes, adrenaline was running fast which makes decision making and shooting harder. Nerves, fears – I get it. Police have it VERY hard and they have only a few split seconds to make life making or taking decisions. I’m not sure I’d want to be in that position. It’s HARD and your career can be over in a heartbeat for making the wrong action even if all of the previous history of one’s career has been stellar.

Politics.  My point, however, is not in castigating what the police did. My ire is at the civilian disarmament mob / anti-Constitutionalists: do the math and reconsider both your words and your rhetoric. It just shows you don’t know what you’re talking about.

(H/T: Hot Air, WMUR)