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Vermont Families Join NH Grandparents in Suing States Over Tuitioning Restrictions

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In June, the US Supreme Court ruled that states could not discriminate against schools based on religion regarding tuitioning rules. Grandparents from Croydon, NH, promptly sued the state over its prohibition. Three families in Vermont have just done the same in theirs.

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“Vermont has some great public schools, but the ones available to us weren’t a great fit for our son,” said Michael Valente in a written statement. “And I know we are not alone. Families across the state send their kids to private religious schools for a variety of reasons. The state should not discriminate against those families for doing what’s best for their kids.”


Smaller towns may not have schools for every grade, so parents must find a school suitable for the child and the grade-level. States or towns that collect taxes for education will provide tuition costs to the institution up to a certain sum per annum. Like Vermont and New Hampshire, many states have restrictions on the use of these dollars for religious schools, but as noted above, the Supreme Court has said that it is unconstitutional.


“The Supreme Court could not have been clearer when it said that while ‘[a] State need not subsidize private education[, ] once a State decides to do so, it cannot disqualify some private schools solely because they are religious.’”


While we expect the NH Court system to find a way to screw this up, our unfamiliarity with Vermont leaves us hoping the families there will have better luck.