Trump's Ban on Marxist Critical Theory Expanded to Companies Doing Business with US Government - Granite Grok

Trump’s Ban on Marxist Critical Theory Expanded to Companies Doing Business with US Government

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A few weeks ago, President Trump made a huge leap forward. He signed an order prohibiting any Critical Theory Cultural Studies indoctrination of government employees. Taxpayers were paying to have them conform to the unconstitutional demands built into identity politics. He’s just expanded that prohibition.

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Did you catch that? He suggests that before any government agency can do business with a private company, they must divest themselves of any association with the deconstructive postmodernist queer, fat, gender, race, and cultural constructivism.

These are what the sex and race-based Theory “education” classes advance. The re-educate you to be more open to what is essentially a form of cultural re-education. Social engineering. Created by Marxist professors in search of a new path to Socialism.

Critical Theory is the enemy of the Constitutional Republic. It is reasonable for the Chief Executive to view it as a security threat. As such, Mr. Trump is suggesting rules that would require the government, all of it, to limit its business to private contractors who can prove they do not engage in these sorts of endeavors.

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In other words, companies that want access to the troth need to drop the Theory BS.

It sounds great on paper, and it would be nice to see it work, but I find it unlikely it will happen as imagined. However, it is a first necessary step to salvaging the general population from this bulls**t. It will also significantly decrease the number of job openings for graduates with degrees in these absurd pursuits.

And yes, it will drive the Left Bonkers, especially after he handily wins re-election. Because when he does, he will have four years to enforce the guideline, and that is long enough to flush the marketplace of a  significant number of useless diversity officers.

One very important question. Does that include universities pursuing federal money? I hope so.

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