The Left is Restructuring Our Whole Conception of Reality  - Granite Grok

The Left is Restructuring Our Whole Conception of Reality 


James Lindsay is the co-author of Cynical Theories. It is a deep dive into far-left Critical Theory. Skip wrote about the other author recently here, but I have a short video to share that might intrigue you enough to watch his entire interview.

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I recommend you read the text version of the interview Skip posted with the other author here. Together you will begin to understand what is going on and what we are up against. It undergirds everything we are seeing. The attacks on the culture, “patriarchy, white supremacy, imperialism, cis-normativity, hetero-normativity, fatphobia, and ableism.”

Here’s a short snippet from the publisher’s blurb on the book.


Have you heard that language is violence and that science is sexist? Have you read that certain people shouldn’t practice yoga or cook Chinese food? Or been told that being obese is healthy, that there is no such thing as biological sex, or that only white people can be racist? Are you confused by these ideas, and do you wonder how they have managed so quickly to challenge the very logic of Western society?


In this short clip, the host points out that the book appears to explain that this movement seeks to completely restructure our whole conception of reality.

The answer is yes and James goes into some detail about it but not too much, in under 3 minutes.

The Complete interview is here is you are interested. It is just over one hour long.