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Motivation of Today’s American Socialists

Motivation of Today’s American Socialists

What is the motivation of today’s American Socialists? They seem a confused, violent, determined group. The American socialists would like to appear moderate enough to lead America. They do not present themselves as having the gravitas to reliably do so. In fact, they come across as the mob the founders so disdain.

So, what’s in it for them? They are, at their core, a political ideology. Implicit is politics is always: Who holds power? You and I know that most of us are too busy living life to get too hung up on playing a politics. We tend to live in a fog of family, friends, work, obligations and relaxation. Life happens.

So, most of us really are not, because we choose not to be, directly involved in politics. We may vote every couple or four years. But most of us are is vessels into which some political input trickles. We don’t feel much like the “we the people” the founders envisioned.

The will of the people is not something which is given. Rather, it is something that is made. The will of the people has become the product of the political process not the motive for the political process. Leftists know this. They spend tremendous time and energy shaping the environment of public opinion.

What is the dream… What can you expect when you wake up?

Is the Leftist dream justice or power? The ultimate explanation of every political controversy is the disposition of power. This means the main interest to force by control other individuals. This is the Leftist intent. You will comply. The defining feature is aggression. It is creating constant pressure to break out of the existing political boundaries.

For Leftists power is grasping and tenacious. The motivation of today’s American socialists is POWER. The ends justify the means. They do use whatever means are necessary to acquire POWER. It takes even greater vigilance and effort from those who love freedom to defend our liberty. We must defend freedom from the invasive nature of Leftist practitioners.

Leftism in all its permutations is in opposition to the principles of the American founding. The progressives, socialists, communists, DSA, BLM, Antifa all of the myriad groups advance their own dream. Each such dream is a nightmare for freedom.