Let’s make sure Americans know we are going to stop socialism and choose freedom. - Granite Grok

Let’s make sure Americans know we are going to stop socialism and choose freedom.

Do We Support What Works?

Do we support what works? Conservative leaders denounce socialism. We continue to stand for freedom. Let’s make sure Americans know we are going to stop socialism and choose freedom.

We have seen gains with conservative leadership. There has been a rise in employment. More people are working today than have had that opportunity in decades. We have cut taxes. As a result the economy has improved under the Trump administration.

Average Americans

The average American can look at jobs. We look at prosperity. Everywhere we look people rising out of poverty and they are rising into the American dream. And what do the socialists in the Democrat Party say? ‘Let’s go the other direction. How ignorant is that? Why do they want people to be poorer? Why is it so important for them that you have less?

Socialism has failed in Venezuela and Cuba. Yet the Democrats want to take us there. Why is that? The same people who want you to bee poorer continue to their baseless smears against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. The witnesses who testified against hem have all been discredited. Democrats want you to accept a standard of guilty until proven innocent. Think about that…

Happy warriors fight on

We are happy warriors. We fight on with joy. Contrast the joy of freedom, of America, with the angry intolerance of the socialist left. Look at the grinding poverty their policies bring. Ask yourself where do I fit in this picture? How will my children be better off?

Those who have lived under socialism relate their experiences of the destruction of the nation’s economy. We have only to listen. Those who have lived under communism describe being tortured by the government in their home country.

The constitution is there for us

We need to understand the value of the Constitution. It is time to decry leftist trying to tear it apart. The sole purpose of the Constitution is to restrain government. That’s a good thing. We need to recognize the District of Columbia is all about business as usual. It is more gummed up and dysfunctional than we imagine. Largely that is because we have a fourth branch of government.

We need private, patient-focused health care. We do not want government-run health care. The tyranny proposed by advocates of “Medicare for All” and similar proposals will bring waits, rationing and higher cost. The government’s incompetent at managing the Veterans Health Administration. Some veterans have waited years for appointments. Many on the left want to force us all into the VA system.


We require a strong national defense and tight security at the southern border. Aren’t we moved for our kids to participate in the pursuit of life, liberty and property rights? Everything the left espouses crumbles under critical thinking. Do we support what works?