Video - Iran Fired Not One But Two Missiles At the Ukrainian Passenger Plane Before it Crashed - Granite Grok

Video – Iran Fired Not One But Two Missiles At the Ukrainian Passenger Plane Before it Crashed

Iran Plane Second Missile

It’s a good thing we didn’t have this news before Iran admitted to shooting down a plane full of innocent people. They’d have to lie twice as much about twice as many mechanical failures. As in, the aircraft was mechanically incapable of withstanding, not one but two missiles.

The New York Times has verified security camera footage on Tuesday that shows, for the first time, that two missiles hit Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 on Jan. 8. The missiles were launched from an Iranian military site around eight miles from the plane. …

The new video appears to confirm that an initial strike disabled the transponder, before the second strike, also seen in the video, around 23 seconds later.

They hit the plane but didn’t down it. The aircraft turned and tried to return to the airport (still looking like a cruise missile?) and was then hit with a second Iranian missile.

Neither strike downed the plane immediately. The new video shows the airliner on fire, circling back toward Tehran’s international airport. Minutes later it exploded and crashed down, narrowly missing the village of Khalaj Abad,..

I’m sure the media “experts” are working with their Democrat partners to determine which words and in what order will most likely sway voters into believing that killing a guy who killed one of our guys is the reason Iran fired two missiles at a passenger plane deep inside their airspace.

Is there a reason they did not shoot at or down any of 18 planes flying around Tehran and in Iran during the same assault window (while Iran was firing rockets at Americans in Iraq). Did they not look like cruise missiles? And why didn’t Iran stop domestic flights or land planes to prevent another accident mechanical failure?

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