Get Used to This: Recount Ordered After "Thousands of Uncounted Ballots Found" - Granite Grok

Get Used to This: Recount Ordered After “Thousands of Uncounted Ballots Found”

As Americans continue to bend over willingly to virus socialism and other forms of tyranny in the name of public health, will it prepare them for the main event? It looms large in a headline that foreshadows the nationwide electoral gang rape of the American Republic.

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“Massachusetts 4th Congressional District: Thousands of ballots found in Franklin, Jesse Mermell’s campaign solicits recount signatures.”

[Emphasis not in the original]

In Franklin, poll workers Thursday evening were counting about 3,000 uncounted ballots — much more than the previously estimated 600 uncounted ballots, according to a spokeswoman for the Secretary of the Commonwealth’s Office.

The newly discovered 3,000 uncounted ballots were mail-in votes that appeared to have never made it to polling locations on Election Day.


Newly Discovered Uncounted Ballots (#NDUB) could be trending on Twitter well into 2021. Mostly in “close” races lost by Democrats who will later be declared victorious. (Close being subjective and based entirely on the likelihood that fraud could win the day.)

Vote by mail fraud trunk ballots

If you are a betting man, woman, or deceased voter of any sex or gender, the Vegas Line on any recount should favor Democrats. Not because that was what the people wanted but because that is what Democrats want.

Put another way, if you are a Republican and do not show up to vote at the polls (I think I read this around here someplace), do not expect your vote to count.

If you are a Democrat hold off paying homage to Vyacheslav Molotov, filling empty cabernet bottles full of petroleum stuffed with torn bits of last season’s Leeward’s summer wear.

Your “Peaceful Protest” can wait – “Recounts are coming!”

Besides, I think those things are bad for the environment.