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Vote by Mail “Works so Well” A Judge Just Invalidated an Entire Election Because of It

vote by mail invalidated

“On Wednesday, State Superior Court Judge Ernest Caposela ruled that the election for a Paterson City Council seat had been irreversibly tainted. A new election has been ordered to take place in November.”

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Massive fraud allegations have made it impossible to use mail-in ballots to determine the winner of the race. According to the report, “Four people were charged with criminal conduct in connection to the fraudulent election, including a Paterson councilman and the councilman-elect.”

This is one city council race in one city in one state. And they can’t make it work, not because of the Postal Service but because of the ability to abuse vote-by-mail to steal elections.

In Lansing, Michigan, they are also having problems certifying election results. The Detroit News reports that,


The handling of ballots is in the national spotlight this year as a surge of absentee voting is expected during the COVID-19 pandemic and ahead of a pivotal election, in which President Donald Trump has already criticized mail-in voting.

When it comes to absentee and Election Day precincts, the percentage of Detroit’s precincts with out-of-balance totals was 46%, according to the county data.

Michigan’s largest city has had similar problems in the past. Election officials couldn’t reconcile vote totals for 59% of precincts in 2016.

The rush to vote-by-mail has yet to have a contest not riddled with problems, yet Democrats are all-in on trying to complete state-wide and national elections using vote by mail with just a few months’ notice. A method they themselves called out as dangerous and easily abused by those looking to commit election fraud.

A form of voting condemned by the rest of the world.

Leave it to Democrats to not only embrace it but demand it as if it is some sort of civil, human, or constitutional right.

Yes, citizens have the right to vote, but that comes with the understanding that means one vote per citizen so that their vote will count as much as any other vote. Vote by Mail cannot provide even a basic expectation that the government can or will meet that simple requirement.

So, much like the Democrats promise to protect you after they disarm you, promising you that your elections will be clean, that every legal vote will count, and that the results reliable is a lie.

Vote in-person to protect the chain of custody. Vote in person if you want to ensure your vote is counted and counts. Only vote absentee if you are away and unable to get to the poll to cast your vote in person. And for God’s sake, do not support or advocate for a process that will make knowing the results of an election impossible for weeks, but that might ultimately be decided by lawyers and judges and not the people of the sovereign states.