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Blogline of the Day – nice turn of phrase

Flu d'etat

From Facebook, on Doris’s post “In Emergency Order #69, Sununu Packs the Public Health Ethics Committee” is this from Mary Anderson:

2020: Flu d’etat to Coup d’etat

Too often, it does feel this way in that too many “people in charge” have seen a lifting of regular Constitutional Republic norms (e.g., “stay Constitutional”) and a wide open and all but unregulated open plain in front of them to do what they want. The use of a pandemic to circumvent our traditional governing norms AND, it seems, the Freedom to curtail our Freedoms with a flourish of a pen. “Public Health trumps Everything” come to life…you WILL know your place!

I still want to know where they think this authority comes from. Hey, D.J. Bettencourt (in Sununu’s inner circle of advisors), wanna try to explain this one?

Flu d’etat – nicely put, Mary. Unfortunately, it has come true.

It’s all but a parody of the line I write about when I overheard two union teachers during a Deliberative session rudely commenting when people were trying to cut the school district budget:

The enrollment is down but the needs are up

as some kind of justification that more money should be going into their pockets (because that’s what unions do, when you really get to the nub of it). Here, it is:

The WuFlu cases are up so the Freedoms must go down

There is a reason why our Founders tried hard to make it hard for any one person or faction to gain Power over others (the Constitutions were not just for outlining a form of Government but expressing a genius of “practical Sociology”.