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So, Which REPUBLICAN Led City is Having the Same BLM/Antifa Riots as the Democrats?

Outnumbered Harris Faulknew Marie Harf

I do try to watch Outnumbered on Fox. Far from being the Left’s pejorative claims that they are nothing but “blonde bimbos,” the ladies on Outnumbered are far more informed and reasoned than those of, say, The View.

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And when I was watching a bit ago, the “lead” (Head? In charge? Main person?) Harris Faulkner asked a very simple but fundamental question of the former Obama Admin spoxgal, Marie Harf that cast REAL doubt on the governing philosophy of the Democrat-run cities. Deer in headlights ensued with a lot of word salad:

I had a broad smile on my face (I was watching in real-time) at her attempt to deflect what really is a binary question. From the Daily Caller (reformatted, emphasis mine):

Fox News anchor Harris Faulkner challenged Marie Harf to name one Republican-led city where widespread violence was as bad as in a number of Democrat-led cities. Continued violence — particularly in Democrat-led cities like Portland, Chicago and Seattle — was the topic of heated debate through several segments of Thursday’s “Outnumbered.”

Faulkner turned the question to Harf after Dagen McDowell suggested that the situation boiled down to a binary choice between “incompetence or disdain.” Harf responded by saying that it was “unfair” to say that those mayors did not care about their citizens and claiming that President Donald Trump was targeting Democrat-led cities for political reasons rather than because they were the only ones who warranted intervention.

Of COURSE, that’s the standard answer from Democrats – Orangeman bad, tail wagging the dog, it’s all politics. Except in the City of Example (Portland), the riots had been going on for a long, long time with the innocent residents taking it in the shorts before Trump finally sent in the Fed law enforcement to protect Federal property as Mayor Wheeler just gave the rioters “space to Destroy”. Bad answer, Harf, given that Democrats have made EVERYTHING political – nice projection.

“For many people, that he keeps saying he’s going after Democratic cities and Democrats feels like he is making a law enforcement issue a political one, which we should not be doing in this country,” Harf continued.

Then, the coup de grace question – simple and effective:

Faulkner pushed back then, challenging Harf to name a Republican-led city that was facing similar levels of unrest and violence. “Marie, is there another Republican-led city that is having the kinds of problems that we are seeing in a Democratic-led city? Let me let you answer that. Is there?”

And Harf immediately tries for cover with what we on the Right have been saying for a long time about these cesspools:

“Well, look, Democrats have been in charge of the big cities in our country for a long time,” Harf replied.

Indeed they have – and it makes it REAL easy to point out all of the problems in what is going on and VERY easy to point out the Democrat failure. I just howled as to how easy she made our point for us – a real unforced error.  But that was not a real answer and Harris kept on point:

It’s a yes or no question,” Faulkner pressed again.

“It’s more complicated. It’s not binary, Harris,” Harf attempted to clarify her point. “The issue is the Democrats are in charge of —”

No, it IS binary – Faulkner has her dead to rights but Harf is scrambling like a hiker trying to escape a bear in NH’s White Mountains..

Faulkner laid the challenge out again, asking once more directly, “Is there a Republican-led city that is having the same type of violence and unrest on it streets the way a Democratic-led trail of cities is right now that we continue to talk about?”

She never answered. Of course, there was really only one answer – but Harf couldn’t be honest enough to admit it.