So, Screw BLM? - Biden Picks VP With "knack for targeting minorities and over-sentencing prisoners" - Granite Grok

So, Screw BLM? – Biden Picks VP With “knack for targeting minorities and over-sentencing prisoners”

Kamala Harris

Have you noticed the narrative groundswell from the political Left in the past few months? It centers on law enforcement abuse of minorities (while its goals are Marxist). How interesting then that the Democrat Party nominee for VP is a Marxist with a history of using the criminal justice system to abuse minorities.

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“…, people began digging into Harris’s arrest reports and found that she had a knack for targeting minorities and over-sentencing for prisoners for cheap labor. This includes putting people behind bars for non-violent drug offenses like marijuana possession.


Given the outrage mobs, demands for reform, and other noise-machine-cover you’d think they would have the sense to pick a woman of color without possibly the worst record for misusing police powers against Blacks and Hispanics, but here she is. The worst possible candidate. Kamala Harris. A woman who said she would be a “prosecutor President.”

Why her, and why now?

Because the Socialists lead by Sanders probably leveraged their support on the pick. Harris is a woman of color and well connected and well regarded by the Socialists and Communists in America. If your goal is to advance Marxism, then she’s your gal. At what price?

The Biden campaign is already suffering from an image problem. The top of their ticket is a doddering, half-wit geezer. The only thing holding him up is the scandals piled up behind him. He’s been accused of drifting away from moderate Democrats to appease the far-left. And now he’s chosen, as his VP pick, a connected socialist-Democrat with a history of abusing her office as the chief cop in the State of California. The candidate who had less than 1% support from Black Americans before she dropped out of the race and not just because she is not herself African American.

To summarize: Any effort to frame this as “a great pick” is tone-deaf to the Left’s relentless messaging these last two months. It is painfully obvious they are just using black Americans again to advance their extreme politics. Yes, Screw BLM, because like the Democrat party, it’s not about Blacks or lives but politics. And I can’t imagine how this good turn out well for them.

The Democrat’s only hope is that the Republicans somehow fail to ride these contradictions relentlessly to November.

Don’t wait for them to screw it up. Get out there now and start poking every Democrat candidate, first-timer or incumbent, who expresses support for Harris.

Here’s a bit of background to help you, care of Democrat Tulsi Gabbard.

Note: After publication, I clarified a few awkward sentences and added a missing point about BLM and it’s true goals.