If Vote-by-Mail is a Constitutional Right "Can we get guns via mail order again?" - Granite Grok

If Vote-by-Mail is a Constitutional Right “Can we get guns via mail order again?”

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SEEN ON FACEBOOK: “My friend Jay asks a pertinent question. Since we have to have total mail-in voting because of the ‘Rona, what other civil rights should be permitted via mail? Can we get guns via mail order again?

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Why should our citizens be forced to brave illness and death in order to purchase their 2nd Amendment guaranteed arms?”

I think it is a legitimate question and we should have Democrats, who are screaming about voting (an implied Constitutional Right within the various Articles, explicit in the 19th, 26th Amendments) should answer.

Why SHOULDN’T we be able to do so – again? Sears used to sell LOTS of firearms in its catalogs.

Either all of the Bill of Rights matter – or NONE of them do.

You may not like one, two, or more but the Constitution isn’t any more a Chinese menu (“one from column A, two from column B) than it is a “living document” (to be spun anyway that the Left needs it to be for a certain time and agenda item).

It is a LEGAL document – ALL clauses are to be honored and obeyed no matter what your political persuasion is.

Unless, of course, you hate our Republic and the Constitution – at which time we’ll need that Second to protect the rest.