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Message from Minneapolis

Message from Minneapolis

Minneapolis is not yet at Chicago’s level of crime but violent crime is surging. Give it some time. They have determination, no commonsense, and are trying very hard. And it looks as though they are on the path to “success.”

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Minneapolis is telling residents they are essentially on their own. We took your tax money but you are not getting police services for them.

The Minneapolis City Government has circulated a letter to residents. It informs them what to do if they are targeted by carjackers or robbers. The letter is to residents living in the city’s 3rd precinct. It was written on July 28, 2020.

They are aware of the issues and just do not care.


The city is refusing to increase police activity in areas plagued by violent crime. How is that acceptable to Minneapolis residents? What, are the people are so numb as to not insist on police protection for their tax dollars? But I digress.

The letter goes on to suggest that residents protect themselves. This leaves open the question: If they deal with it by themselves do they get to apply the laws they think best suit their individual needs too? The city has the huevos to suggest that if a resident is targeted by violent criminals, just surrender their property. Thank you but no… no thank you… Hell no. That is simply unreasoned and unreasonable.

The results of defunding the police

Violent crime has been increasing in Minneapolis’ 3rd precinct. Can you guess why? This is a Democrat controlled city. This is your future if you vote Democrat. The Democrat controlled Minneapolis City Council has voted to defund the city’s police department. As a result shootings have tripled in the city this year. Minneapolis neighborhoods are forming patrols in hopes of curbing crime. Can you say vigilante justice?

Here’s what it appears from outside is actually happening. There is a Somali population in the city. The Somali population is nearly 100% Islam adherent. Strict Islamic adherence does not recognize American law. Instead, it follows the path of Allah, the Sharia.

The Somali population does not wish to integrate into American society. They vote as a block. The group is using American law in working to destroy civilization in this city. They have seized functional control. The inhabitants of the city are standing idly by watching. Keith Ellison et al  are creating America’s first “No Go Zone”.

The media will not say it this way. They do not even report on the increase in violence. The media are not reporting this as the consequence of Democrat leadership. They are loathe to speak of Democrat abdication of the responsibility to govern. Their Marxist masters are allied with Islam in the struggle to destroy America. You see this is a case of “my enemy’s enemy is my friend”.

We are getting message from Minneapolis. Do you want your future to look like Minneapolis? Do you prefer the Mogadishu standard of living? Is this your idea of civilized society? The riots did half a billion dollars damage to the city. The city officials stood by and did nothing. Do you want to bring Minneapolis to New Hampshire? Which side are you on?