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The Water Will Be Fine, You Need to Worry About the Democrat Policy “Poison”


Three of the four Democrats who stumbled into elected office in 2016 from Merrimack ran as water warriors. As an elective strategy, it was clever. Locals and the media have played up a PFAS/PFOA leak in town. And it worked. But what we got were Left-wing water carriers.

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So, when a hopeless presidential candidate trolls my town looking to escape his 0% polling what comes up? The local “water issue.” And Wendy Thomas (one of Merrimack’s Four Democrat Horsewomen of the Left-Wing Apocalypse) was (naturally) available for comment.

Moulton met with the self-styled “water warriors” of Merrimack, becoming the latest in a growing number of 2020 presidential contenders getting up to speed on per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances.

“I don’t have the experience with PFAS that you do, and that’s why I want to listen to you and hear your experience,” Moulton said.

“It’s a problem in Merrimack. It’s a problem in New Hampshire. It’s a problem in the United States. It’s a problem around the world,” said state Rep. Wendy Thomas, D-Merrimack.

Weak from Moulton but, overall not awful: he suggests elsewhere that we need a balance that addresses real problems without kneecapping business owners. A lesson the water warriors could have used before they went to Concord. Not that they’d be keen to learn it.

And no, it’s not the problem they are advertising.

The Dose Makes the Poison 

Have you ever heard the saying ‘the dose makes the poison?‘ It’s the basis behind the science of exposure to anything and everything.

In the right does, almost anything can harm us. But understanding exposure rates and physiology, with an unbiased eye at the science we can live in and around all manner of useful things without incident. PFOA is one of those things.

It can be dangerous, but in lesser concentrations like those in Merrimack, there would be no issues.

The allowable ‘dose’ for PFOA is significantly higher than what the water warriors or the regulators want. But a tighter standard provides opportunities for overreach that leads to fees and fines, which – not uncoincidentally – is how our NH Department of Environmental Services funds itself. 

And not for nothing but NH is a fan of jackpot justice lawsuits. And those swamp rats at the EPA are not in any hurry to disagree. So, a finding that hijacks the acceptable level (with a little push from water warriors and wound-up mislead residents) will add money to regulators pockets and additional costs that are passed on to consumers.

Which is why you should pay attention and care.

Unimpeded Democrat policy poses a more significant threat to your economic and personal health, wellbeing, and happiness. 

Merrimack’s “Left Wing Water Carriers” are also the “give illegal aliens drivers licenses warriors.”  The Pass an Income tax warriors. They have fought against lower electric rates and in favor of higher ones. They are also the Eliminate on the job training opportunity warriors. They’ve battled evil drinking straws and other everyday convenience plastics. They even voted to keep a law on the books that ban a form of free speech.

They ran on cleaning up the water, but as I’ve pointed out, that wasn’t the problem everyone claimed. It’s a deception, which we’ve learned they are not above or beyond. But as the old left-wing saying goes, never let a crisis go to waste. Don’t let an opportunity to grow government and regulation go untapped.

And that’s what we’ve got from Democrats Wendy Thomas, Kathryn Stack, Nancy Murphy, and Rosemarie Rung. Voting like rank and file rubber-stamp Democrat Socialists from a Republican town that had better pay more attention come election time in November 2020.