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“Global Warming” Bad, But, But Record Global Crop Yields!

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Most of the world’s agriculture is only possible thanks to fossil fuels and, as it turns out, global warming. How convenient is that? While complaining about the heat and the failure of an energy grid dominated by idiot leftist ideas, California is setting records for crop yield.

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In Kern County, total crop value rose 3 percent in 2019, setting a new record. Other California counties are also thriving under present climate. Fresno County’s total crop value rose 12 percent in 2018 to briefly overtake Kern County as the nation’s top-grossing county for agricultural production. Kern County’s 2019 growth reclaimed the title. – Crop production in 2020 is shaping up even better, with more new records forecast. The Sacramento Bee, for example, published an August 5 article titled, “This is what harvest of a 2020 record 2020 almond crop looks like.”


Nationally, the USDA is predicting record-high corn and soybean yields.


The U.S. corn production estimate came in at 15.27 billion bushels vs. the trade’s expectation of 15.17 billion bushels and the USDA’s July estimate of 15.0 billion bushels. – For soybeans, the U.S. 2020 average yield estimate is pegged at 53.3  vs. the trade’s expectation of 51.2 bu./acre and the USDA’s July estimate of 49.8 bu./acre. -If realized, these yields would set all-time high records for corn and second largest for soybeans.


And Globally, another record.


The forecast for world cereal utilization in 2020/21 has also been lifted, to 2 735 million tonnes, just over 43 million tonnes (1.6 percent) above the 2019/20 level. The upward revision this month stems mostly from an increase in the coarse grains utilization forecast of nearly 3.0 million tonnes, driven by an upturn in feed and industrial uses compared to earlier expectations. Now forecast at an all-time high of 1 471 million tonnes, total coarse grains utilization in 2020/21 is seen up 2.7 percent (38 million tonnes) from the 2019/20 level, with the USA accounting for almost 40 percent (14.4 million tonnes) of the projected year-on-year increase and China over 20 percent (9.0 million tonnes). World rice utilization is also predicted to reach a fresh peak of 510.4 million tonnes in 2020/21, up 1.6 percent from 2019/20 based on expanding food use.


But the Democrat Socialists are not happy. Our Warming planet will doom our crops, tourism, everything.  The media says so as do their experts. But none of the things they predicted nor their effects have come to pass, but that’s no reason not to keep pushing it.

This reminds me of something else they’ve been pushing lately.