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Candidate: Vanessa Sheehan From Milford for the NH House

Vanessa Sheehan NH House Milford ampaign sign

Milford, NH – On June 9, 2020, Vanessa Sheehan filed to represent Milford in the New Hampshire House of Representatives. Vanessa released the following statement:

“I am delighted to announce that I am running to represent Milford in New Hampshire’s House of Representatives,” Sheehan said. “I will work hard to restore and protect the New Hampshire Advantage, keep taxes low, support small business, and maintain a responsible and balanced budget.”

“I will always defend and protect our Second Amendment rights and safeguard the rights of all people to life,Vanessa Sheehan NH House Milford property, freedom, and equal justice under the Constitution.”

Vanessa Sheehan received her Associate of Business Science majoring in Communications from Hesser College Manchester, NH in 1995. Vanessa lives in Milford and works in Nashua, NH.

Learn more about Vanessa’s candidacy at or on Facebook at “Vanessa for NH”

Contact: Vanessa Sheehan 603-320-6111