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A Colorblind Poem for a Colorblind Post

This makes for a good UPDATE to my “Quick Thought – Being Colorblind, I See You JUST Fine.” That was in answer to the idea that “If you’re color blind, that means you don’t even see me.”

Again, that’s just as silly as when Normal people go “Male, Female – it’s in the chromosomes” and transgenders go “YOU’RE ERASING ME!!!”.  Hardly – you’re right in front of me but who am I to believe – my eyes or your ignoring actual biology (for even as you reject the science, I reject the notion that “sex/gender” is merely a social construct amenable to change at any time.

Anyways, Grokster Steve, per usual, put that post up on our Facebook page and Sue Delemus had this to say about people “taking a knee” in political protest in support of the Marxist entity known as Black Lives Matter, who are using “White Guilt” as a political weapon (just like Teachers Unions using Covid-19 as a political weapon as a basis to hurt our children):

A man went to the Great Lakes Military Cemetery in Holly, Michigan. He took some photos while reflecting on what’s going on in our country today. Then he wrote this simple poem:

I don’t see any color here,
The headstones look the same;
No black, no brown, no white skin tone
There’s no one here to blame.
These soldiers fought and died for you;
Their color you can’t see;
Your rights are still protected;
Here’s the place to take a knee.

Indeed. And Amen – thank you for your service.

Thanks, Sue.