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Tyranny Looms If We Do Not Respond

Tyranny Looms If We Do Not Respond.

We should understand tyranny looms if we do not respond. Ms. Bari says editors live in fear of offending this orthodoxy. Writers are careful lest they ruin their careers. The Times plays it so safe in accepting op-eds Twitter has become the “ultimate editor.”

She notes that “self-censorship is the norm.” “…If a person’s ideology is in keeping with the new orthodoxy, they and their work remain unscrutinized. Everyone else lives in fear of the digital thunder dome.”

The most frightening thing about this new orthodoxy is that it applies to the media in general. This new Joseph Goebbels approach is sweeping America in all fields. It no longer cares about rights and public discourse. It brutally knocks down the facade that screens errors.

The Ministry of Enlightenment and Propaganda now proclaims and imposes them on the public. No offending statue must be left standing. All must bow and submit to the Ministry of Enlightenment and Propaganda.

Yet no one questions this orthodoxy. No one bothers to seek, to find by what illegitimate authority it claims in exercising power. Such tyranny is predictable. Its source is liberalism’s denial of absolute truth. In such a system every man determines his own truth and becomes his own authority. The eventual outcome is a lawless regime where each person is self-empowered; to do as they want, when they want.

Tyranny looms if we fail to respond

The liberal paradigm is throwing off its old mask of tolerance to reveal its radical Jacobin face. You see under the guise of freedom and diversity, these liberals must allow everything. This has come to mean every opposing authority must be overthrown.

The old moralities, structures, religious beliefs, and legal systems are respected no more. The restraint of passions are now obstacles to Leftist dogma. The new orthodoxy consists of destroying even the tiniest and most moderate manifestations of these restraining structures. If I’m stronger, I may kill you, because I see it as a right which makes it right to do so. You may not object. Welcome to our Brave New World of 1984.

This change represents not a reform of the system but a revolution. The sooner we realize that the old rules no longer apply, the easier it will be for us to rally around absolute truth. We must meet this clear and present danger, this tyranny head-on. If necessary we must counter its violence with the death it so richly deserves. If we do not our freedom is gone. Respect for life will disappear. Our property rights will face governmental appropriation. Which side are you on?