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“The Safety of All Lives Matter” has just been Canceled

Safety of All Lives Matter

Sheesh – The Stupidity is strong with these people – along with Cultural Marxism derived thin skins (or a total lack of common sense courage to stand up to the Cancel movement). Reformatted, emphasis mine:

The mayor and police chief of a Massachusetts city are apologizing to residents for a phrase seen on an electronic traffic sign.

What was on it, you ask? Profanity? Sexual innuendo? Anti-Semitism? Nope. The offending message read, “The Safety of All Lives Matter,” WCVB-TV reported.

Melrose Police Chief Michael Lyle told the station a traffic officer was ordered to change the sign’s wording from a reminder that fireworks are illegal to a more general traffic safety message. A Melrose resident parked near the sign told a WCVB photographer that the new message read:

“The speed limit is 25 mph. Please drive safely. The safety of all lives matter.”

How much more innocuous is that phrase? Frankly, I don’t think one could get something more simple than this.  But of course, somebody has to take offense derived from the insanity of the BLM / Left politics and has to complain. Then some sap of a political coward has to prostrate themselves before the Mob. Right on cue, entrance, stage Left:

Lyle said Melrose Mayor Paul Brodeur told him about the “unfortunate and improper wording” on the traffic sign, the station said.

“I am aware that the phrase ‘all lives matter’ is commonly used as a misguided counter to the Black Lives Matter movement,” Lyle told the station. “The sign was immediately changed and, at the request of the mayor, I launched an investigation, which is ongoing.”

Two results:

  • That poor traffic cop will end up as the scapegoat
  • Melrose Mayor Paul Brodeur doesn’t care about what was on that sign at all.

He DOES care about being on the correct side of the Marxist political crowd otherwise known as Black Lives Matter movement – the #1 job of the vast majority of career politicians is to either get re-elected or get elected to the next rung up the Political Ladder. Dismissing “The Safety of All Lives Matter” would be like having someone with a chainsaw sawing through the rungs on which his feet now stand. He made the political calculation where the votes would lie come November. But him being a coward isn’t the point – he’s just the Object Lesson.

The operative question is are the rest of us going to allow this word savaging to continue? Are we going to allow others to demand and control what we say?

Do we kneel in obedience to those that would control how we can think?

Because sometimes a phrase IS really just an innocuous phrase.

(H/T: The Blaze)