So the National Democrat Party believes July 4th = White Supremacy Day? - Granite Grok

So the National Democrat Party believes July 4th = White Supremacy Day?

Mt Rushmore

The Democrats, disguised as Black Lives Matter and other disgruntled rich white kids without a sense of American history and those who just like to destroy other peoples stuff (but I repeat myself), have finally decided to be really open as to what they really think. First, it was just about Confederate soldier statues. Then they started after statues of the Founding Fathers (George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, et al) along with Abraham Lincoln

Sidenote: who actually freed the slaves with his Emancipation Proclamation. But some young twit (I’ve got the URL around here…somewhere) still said it was OK to pull his statue down as while he was “Pro-black, he wasn’t anti-racist”. Yeah that’s a new thing but that will be for another post.

So now, some self-loathing Wokster within the Democrat National Committee had this to say in a tweet:

DNC says July 4th is White Supremacy Day

Got that? I know the history of the area and the disagreements of putting up the four Presidents there. In my mind, however, this isn’t about Mt Rushmore, American Indians and tribal lands – the Democrats these last few months have really dropped their masks and telling the rest of America what they truly think of both the USA AND we Americans that really love this country, warts and all.

“White Supremacists R’ YOU!” is the new 2020 Democrat replacement for 2016 Hillary’s “Deplorables and Irredeemables” and 2008 Obama “Bitter clingers to their Bibles and guns”. Calling ordinary Americans White Supremacists isn’t just a slip of the tongue, folks, they do mean it.

Now, some adult within the DNC saw the tweet and went “Hey, pull your mask up!” but ANYTHING on the ‘Net will be remembered forever. I just hope y’all remember this in November. No matter WHAT they say, this is truly what they think of us and America – they hate both of us. Anything else is just lying simply to get their hands on the Levers of Power. Doubt me?

Look what their minions have already done in the cities Democrats have controlled for decades. What will they do in your area?

This is just the continuance of the “sub-humanization” (or as that other Democrat word says, “Othering”) of “non-Woke believers”.

(H/T: Daily Wire)