Shades of Sandra Fluke - Democrat Attorney Generals ticked that birth control isn't free anymore. - Granite Grok

Shades of Sandra Fluke – Democrat Attorney Generals ticked that birth control isn’t free anymore.

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I’m on all kinds of Democrat advocacy and candidate email lists. Sometimes I deliberately sign up; other times it’s like I’m some Democrat’s mail slave that keeps getting passed around all over the place. A lot of times it is because I was an Independent for so long so I guess they think my eyeballs are free.


Or that they are entitled to my “donation wallet”.

So, in comes the Dem AGs who are Trans-SandraFluke and wanting us, again, to believe that ALL Birth Control Matters because SCOTUS just decided the First Amendment Right to Free Expression (the Freedom of Religion) trumps the Socialist notion that I get birth control Stuff for free by forcing others to pay it

These AGs, who should also be defending the Constitution, still believe in the idea demand that they can make other people pay for other women’s’ birth control. Which is now unconstitutional.

Sidenote: Hey, they’re discriminating against transwomen who don’t menstruate, right? What is free birth control to them?

So as an Object Lesson, here’s how Socialist the Blue State’s Attorney Generals have gone (elected by and spurred on with by George Soro’s election money) – emphasis mine, reformatted a bit:

Friends, for the better part of a century women’s right to control their own bodies have been under attack. Now, our fight has just been dealt a huge blow – the Supreme Court sided with right-wing extremists, Trump, and the GOP who want to allow your employer to take away your birth control based on their personal beliefs.

Note, once again, the sleight of hand that takes that newborn life totally out of the picture with that “control their own bodies“; New Lives Matter doesn’t matter to them. Yes, this is about birth control but abortion that kills the baby is always lurking in the background. By making the baby invisible, there’s no harm, yeah?

Of course, once again, we see that anyone that isn’t a Democrat is automatically a “right-wing extremist”. Just like Jeanne Shaheen calls all of her Republican rivals (+ Corey Lewandowski). Extremist – is that really all that “civil” like Jeanne Shaheen keeps demanding of us but doesn’t practice it herself?

And like we said during the time of Sandra Fluke who was merely a Democrat sock puppet who was the frontman of redefining “access” to mean not that you couldn’t buy it yourself but that someone ELSE had to buy it for you, the Democrats are “progressing” the lie that an employer can “take away your birth control“. Absolute nonsense.

And they prove that their Agenda trumps your Constitutional Right to your beliefs.

Dem AGs will never stop fighting to ensure that women won’t be arbitrarily denied access to birth control. They’re fighting because they know the truth: that no-cost birth control saves women billions of dollars each year. That access to birth control lifts women out of poverty and protects families. And that women’s bodies are their own, which means they decide their own reproductive needs.

Oh, I get it – women’s bodies are their own but all my money is theirs? Like with the Black Lives Mafia movement (in which if the BLM really cared, they’d be all over all the black children that were killed by other blacks this past weekend and marching over all the black on black adult murders that happened as well – but not a single peep), if these Democrat Attorney Generals really cared about this, they’d round up their own money, get other donors, and hand it all out for free.

But that’s never the point – it is always the Agenda for THEM to be able to force YOU to do things that you otherwise wouldn’t be doing because it’s just plain stupid (and in this case, evil).

And “their bodies are their own” – what about the guy? After all, two to do the bedsheet mambo, right? And if the woman decides to let that baby live (yeah, straying into the “kill the baby” space again), the guy is on the financial hook for the next 18 years but she can “toss the tissue” without a thought? The rest of us were on the hook forEVAH for any woman deciding to have some fun – at our expense.

This won’t be the last time Trump and the GOP will try to roll back reproductive freedom and limit access to health care. We need to know that you stand with our Democratic AGs in support of women’s rights. Are you with us? Tell us before the midnight deadline – we need 14 more responses in XXXXX and yours is still missing:

Of course, the right answer is YES. A benefit is just that but we all know that the Democrats have been working to turn benefits into mandatory extensions of the Welfare State for years. For years, they’ve been battling the idea that people can have different ideas than what they espouse – you will be assimilated (or pay a high price).

Reproductive Freedom – the Democrats just can’t be honest and just say abortion (or even more honest, “kill your baby”). Always the euphemism with those people – because they know they’d lose the debate (and elections) if they simply spoke the truth.