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Quick Thought – “Be not dismayed”


On Steve’s post “A Twitter Troll’s “Road to Damascus” Moment? Probably Not” (that talks how @LibtoadNH on Twitter  might have had an epiphany on Government mandating contraceptive coverage by the Little Sisters of the Poor who vowed to honor their celibate lifestyle) – simply because ONE person (er, Steve) cared to show up (on Twitter). One person made a difference.


Prolific GraniteGrok commenter (who, by definition is ALWAYS showing up),  NH Native, needed a bit of blostering up:

Welp, where I live, the first thing we need to do is gain enough power to even be able to talk again.
I can tell you from a lot of personal experience, if you are the lone Conservative sitting at the table, you ain’t gonna amount to much.

Been there, done that – Gilford Budget Committee as the Progressives got their vote out and removed all of the Conservatives from the BudComm.  As the comment conversation was going – it’s about organizing to action – but it can be lonely getting started:

Au contraire, mon ami! One person CAN make a difference. Just showing up makes the big statement “J’accuse”. Seeing you tells them they aren’t the “smahties” they believe themselves to be. Making them prove their ideas, making them define their terms in front of everyone and contrasting them against what most Normal people believe, making them defend their words and actions against the Law and the Constitutions – they know they have a fight on their hands.

They want docile and complicity; instead, pick them apart and laugh at them.

First, it’s great sport and second, they understand they aren’t the Moral Giants they believe themselves to be. The first is good for your own soul – the second is good in defending the soul of America.

And as I have found out, sometimes you DO win!

Moral of the story: one person CAN make a difference. Perhaps not a big difference at first but a string of little ones can add up. Yes, they seem to be better organized – when your first thought and action is for the Collective, that’s what happens. Conservatives are drawn to the other end of the spectrum – acting as Individuals. Harder to organize, even harder to stay on message and action (because, well, we act like Individuals with independent thoughts, priorities, and project plans in how to do things).

But first, you gotta have to show up and you have to persistently show up.

As that great movie stated: “Never give-up, never surrender!”.