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A Twitter Troll’s “Road to Damascus” Moment? Probably Not.

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One of my favorite Twitter trolls is NHLibtoad @LibtoadNH. True liberal. Just the prescribed narrative. Most of the time, the comments are twaddle, but this one was special. I tweeted about the Supreme Court freeing nuns from ObamaCare’s Contraceptive Mandate and got a surprise.

Related: SCOTUS says Nuns can’t be forced by the State to pay for Contraceptive coverage.

For context, people of faith were not exempt from the requirement that their insurance cover contraceptive costs with no copay. The Little Sisters of the Poor is synonymous with the struggle to carve out an exemption. It’s a story as old as ObamaCare. Devout nuns, Catholics, if that’s not obvious. Contraception is a sin, and paying for abortifacients (the day after contraception) would be considered consenting to murder.

Mortal sins.

Their First Amendment religious rights trampled, they have been in and out of court for years in pursuit of an exception.

In 2017 President Trump’s administration wrote a rule exempting people from that portion for sincerely held religious beliefs. Religious liberty, First Amendment, alien concepts to the croaking chorus of libtoads.

When I shared it, NHLibtoad chimed in with an unexpected gem, to which I replied.

I’m eagerly awaiting a response, but I’m not sure that I will get one. If I do, it will be irrelevant or off-topic. But I bet I could stimulate the conversation with this? Why are sterilized women, post-menopausal women, and men (gay, straight, or Trans) required to pay for “women’s contraceptive coverage” in their health insurance? They don’t need it either. Or, for abortion coverage, for that matter?

Answering that honestly opens up a whole can of Obamacare worms.

There are or were reams of rules about who has to pay for this or that whether they need it or not. Once you go there you’ll have to admit it was a poorly conceived idea and a massive, partisan, act of government force (and epic) overreach that wasted time money. Not unlike the years of lawsuits by folks like th Little Sisters for the Poor who had to go back to court time and time again to answer the question posed by NHlibtoad among others.

No one on the heard left is going there. It would be too painful.

And as noted, NHLibtoad does not appear to engage in intellectual curiosities outside the prescribed narratives. So, it is highly unlikely that this “slightest breeze” will herald any sort of coming storm unless it is a further rejection of reality.

But modern liberalism – see also militant leftism or socialism, that cabal of experts in government deciding things for everyone, is not the best way. It is the sort of arrangement that forces celibate nuns to deny deeply held beliefs and pay for contraception they don’t need because it said so.

Or go without insurance at all, which was a problem the legislation claimed it would fix.

Not the smartest people in the room, after all, are they?