Pelosi Blames Trump and Republicans for Letting Russia Take the Crimea When Obama was President - Granite Grok

Pelosi Blames Trump and Republicans for Letting Russia Take the Crimea When Obama was President


In 2014 Russia invaded Ukraine and seized Crimea. A critical warm water port captured for the heart of the former Soviet Union. Then-President Barack Obama did what he does best. Nothing. Joe Biden, Obama’s Point man with no point, did nothing too, which might be why Madame Pelosi is spinning a new narrative.

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Inserted amongst a laundry list of gripes, Pelosi claims that Donald Trump is now at fault for not pushing back against an action that took place nearly three years before he set foot in the Oval Office.

What exactly is the point of that? In March of 2014, Donald Trump had not even announced he was running for office. What exactly was citizen Trump expected to do, not build a hotel in Sevastopol? That’ll show them! Is Nancy just losing another bit of what passes for her mind? I doubt it.

She’s laying a tiny foundation for a narrative.

The media will gleefully repeat her remarks without any pushback. No one will question the claim that Trump is to blame. The echo chamber will repeat the comments and use this noise as a consensus of fact to try and shield Joe Biden – hoping most Democrats and at least a few Americans will take them at their word and forget who was running things six years ago.

That would be Joe Biden, the Democrat’s presumptive nominee. He would become Barry Obama’s point man in Ukraine. Biden’s son Hunter, ensconced as a board member of Burisma that same year. Green Energy grants and loans were drafted for laundering through the Ukraniain fossil fuel company. Lobbying fees paid to Uncle Joe, Soros funded anti-corruption groups feeling fat with cash to operate inside Ukraine.

A quid-pro-quo, but don’t blame Joe.

Russian’s hot war, invasion, and annexation of Ukraine continue. They are flooding the region with ethnic Russians. The Tartars who had lived there since before Catherine the Great annexed it from the Ottoman Empire in 1783 are being pushed out. Those that remain are harassed and intimidated, victims of what Democrat’s like Pelosi might call human rights abuses.

What did Pelosi do in 2014? Nothing. She voted to recognize Ukraine’s territorial integrity. There was no pushback on Point Man™ Biden or Lightbringer Obama. She did not whip her party to demand military aid, nor did she protest the Obama Administration’s refusal to provide any.

In contrast, the Trump administration, once in office, promptly did a 180 and reversed the Obama policy, providing military and defensive aid to Ukraine.

Why Nancy Pelosi thinks this won’t come up is unclear, but it does fit into the awkward Trump is Pro-Russia narrative. So much of that narrative has been echoed that this rediculous lie will, as with the disinterested media, go unquestioned by the useful idiots in the Democrat party more than a few of whom are in elected office here, in New Hampshire.

A matter we should remedy as soon as November can get here.