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Giuliani: Hunter Biden Involved in 14.8 Million Dollar Money Laundering Scam

Rudy Giuliani on Hannity

While the last impeachment circus fades and the Democrats work on their next scam, Rudy Giuliani is talking about actual evidence. Government documents showing a connection between the Bidens and a 14.8 Million dollar money-laundering scheme through Latvia.

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“I first revealed these facts about Joe Biden’s multiple crimes in Ukraine, Iraq, China about 10 months ago, and nobody paid attention. Not only am I not getting special treatment, I’ve been getting terrible treatment. This should have been investigated three years ago. If President Trump had gone on a stage and said, “I pressured the president of another country to dismiss a prosecutor,” there’d be an investigation the next day. In fact, they tried to say President Trump said something like that about two months ago. And every headline, every newspaper … bribery, bribery, bribery, bribery, bribery. Joe Biden says it – part of the protected class – all those people on the Council of Foreign Relations don’t even inquire why did he even have the prosecutor fired. Because his son was in the middle of an investigation. I didn’t just give him information. I have a document here that’s smoking gun. It comes from Latvia. It describes Hunter Biden’s involvement in laundering $14.8 million. It’s a government document of Latvia – $14.8 million being laundered through three different banks and disguised as loans. It’s the tip of the iceberg.”

The method by which the money was moved is the problem. “Loans” don’t typically require circuitous wore transfers to hid the origin of “the loan.” That was (apparently) what caught the attention of prosecutors in both Latvia and Ukraine.

The money laundering is tied to corruption in Ukraine, involving Bribes, Burisma, and Bidens. Rudy Giuliani says he has evidence of the investigations, unlike Democrats who produced no physical evidence Against President Trump. Their case was limited to hyperbolic rants and hearsay testimony by second and third parties who, under oath, could not admit that any law was broken or any crime was committed.

The story is not over. Not even close.

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