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My Personal Endorsement – Steve Negron for Congress in NH CD-2

steve negron

This hobby has introduced me to much in the past 12 years. I have been given press credentials for local events, by national groups, and even from the White House Press Corps. And I have interviewed candidates from town councilor to candidates for President (of the United States), and every office in between.

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In that time, I have met many great people and seen more than a few liberty-minded folks fall off the Freedom wagon to chase money and influence within the Political Establishment.

This is a big concern for me and it weighs heavy on the matter of endorsements. If I sense that someone is likely to test the swamp water I refrain from endorsing them for elected office.

I have no such concerns when it comes to Steve Negron.

I’ve spent some time with Steve and I can tell you that he is grounded in first-principles and that I trust him to fight for our individual liberties and for New Hampshire.

I also feel confident that he is pursuing this office to return it to the people of New Hampshire. That Steve’s focus is not to go to DC to represent the interests of the Washington Establishment, House Leadership, or anyone other than those of the GraniteState.

In other words, it is my opinion that Steve will always put New Hampshire First and that he is also in the best position to do that. In 2018, Steve drew the most mid-term election support from Republican voters in District Two since 2002.  That gives him tangible general election name recognition in the district and on the ballot: this makes him uniquely positioned to take advantage of the massive turnout we should expect this November.

Even Democrat Congresswoman Ann Kuster has said Steve could flip the seat.

So, let’s flip it.

Please vote for Steve Negron in the NH CD2 Republican Primary and again in November so we can take back the House and send Ann Kuster and Nancy Pelosi’s Agenda packing.


Note: This is a personal endorsement and in no way represents the opinion of any other group or organization or the members of other groups or organizations with which I may be associated.

This is not an endorsement by or any of its other authors.