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Maskachusetts (The Model for NH Democrats) Has the WORST Unemployment in the Nation

Massachusetts we want your money

It’s no secret that Democrats in New Hampshire love Massachusetts. They pine for the taxes, the size, and scope of its government, those regulatory burdens, the union influence, and, oh my, their mask mandate.  But do they want this? The Bay State has the worst unemployment in the nation.

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As noted a few days ago, while other New England states improved their employment pictures, only Massachusetts went in the wrong direction. But not just regionally.

The Massachusetts unemployment rate in June climbed to 17.4%, the highest in the country, even as some businesses in the state gradually reopened and rehired workers, according to federal data published Friday.

The state jobless rate increased 0.8 points from May’s revised mark of 16.6%, which had been an all-time high. Massachusetts was one of five states in which unemployment rates rose in June; rates declined in 42 others.

Massachusetts opened slower, so it claims a lower infection rate since most states began ending lockdowns, but we know that’s a useless number.

Test kits give an unusually high number of false positives, and there is still pressure from state health Departments to report COVID19 infections and deaths by SARS CoV2 if someone dies with it, not from it.

Even with those issues, nearly 90% of people who test positive (broken record) are asymptomatic or have mild symptoms. You know, like any other flu.

Add to that the physical number of tests administered (which differs widely state to state) and Massachusetts “low infection reporting” is a pyrrhic victory. The slow reopen for good or bad is killing people anyway.

Thousands of physicians have expressed concern over the shadow mortality rate caused by the political reaction. In one such letter to the president, they note that,

Physician Letter Screen Grab

And the other elephant in the room; there is only so much debt you can accumulate while you’ve idled your tax base. You need to find revenue or cut government.

So, in this example, the taxpayers will get screwed by the state after being screwed by the state, and the government will suffer little if at all.

That is a State that New Hampshire Democrats will try to create should they find themselves in a position to flip New Hampshire from the island of limited sanity in the Northeast to a clone of Massachusetts (or Vermont). A “State” facilitated by many who fled these other New England states to escape that very thing, but who keep voting for that from which they ran away. Democrat politicians and their policies or Blue Republicans who are little different than the original.

It’s almost as if there is no connection made between elections and consequences even when we can see them, like that unemployment mess just to our south.