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Left-Wing Billionaire Tom Steyer is Back to Buy Another New Hampshire Election for Democrats


Since 2014, Billionaire Tom Steyer has dumped buckets of money into the Granite State to buy elections. In 2018 Tom Steyer’s money turned out the illegal college vote for Democrats, and it worked. Democrats won. Well, guess what? He’s back for 2020.

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Next Gen New Hampshire, a statewide youth-oriented grassroots activist group, says it will use part of its planned total $1.5 million spending in New Hampshire this year to support Sen. Jeanne Shaheen’s campaign.

The group says it plans to recruit 20,000 young people to pledge to vote for her and says it’s the first time the group has endorsed a U.S. Senate candidate.

Next Gen says it is organizing its members to support the entire Democratic ticket in the state, from Joe Biden down the ballot.

Steyer created NextGen and pumped millions of dollars into it annually. NextGen’s top 12 donors are all Tom Steyer. I’m not kidding. There is no better example of out-of-state influence than NextGen which is a cash conduit for a California Billionaire to buy elections for Democrats in the Granite State.

He knows it works and he’s back with more, although this year has a different look. The out-of-state student voting situation is not likely to be quite what it was in 2018. The Left’s Virus Socialism Outrage comes with side-effects that could reduce that student voter footprint.

Then there’s the matter of the court challenge NH Dems the ACLU and two non-resident Dartmouth students had to drop. It didn’t end out-of-state student voting, but it could add a few bucks to the Department of Safety coffers though probably not.

The court wrote that nonresident college students who wish to drive in the state, reside there for more than six months in any year and whose vehicles “are principally used in connection with the New Hampshire abode” must register them in New Hampshire and get a New Hampshire driver’s license, even if they don’t vote in the state.

Existing rules won’t stop these invaders from getting ballots and voting in all the college towns across the state. That’s why Team Left dropped their suit. A signed court ruling could cement the demise of the loopholes that have allowed them to steal NH elections for the better part of the last two decades.

COVID19 has a better chance of costing them a few races than the courts. But even that notion is suspect. With vote-by-mail in the bag, we should expect Dems to get College kids who should be voting where they are to mail ballots addressed from their dorms in NH. Mark my words, it’ll happen. And like every other theft of votes, they’ll be counted long before anyone has to explain it.

And who knows, by then the Dems may have changed the laws again to protect their ballot-box stuffers even more.

And Tom Steyer’s money is here to make sure that happens.