Dr. Jeff Barke - "Thousands of Physicians... Voices are Being Silenced" - Granite Grok

Dr. Jeff Barke – “Thousands of Physicians… Voices are Being Silenced”

Dr Jeff Barke

This has been kicking around for a few weeks—another medical professional challenging the political reaction to SARS Cov2. Dr. Jeff Barke, a California Physician – familiar with the tyranny of the majority – took five minutes to speak to a crowd about the irregularities of the response.

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“My name is Dr. Jeff Barke and I’m here representing thousands of physicians across the country whose voices are being silenced because we don’t agree with the mainstream media, and the ‘experts’ who are telling us what to do.”

If you are not sure you want to watch, YouTube banned it, so it must be good. And it is.

Thousands of physicians have questioned nearly every aspect of the political course, including drugs, ventilators, distancing, masking, quarantining the healthy, documented cause of death, patient placement, and care, and more.

There is so much wrong that we’ve written over 100 articles about it. Here’s one more, check this out.