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DC Mask Mandate – Government Employees and Lawmakers are Exempt

Woman wearing an anti virus protection mask to prevent others from corona COVID-19 and SARS cov 2 infection

Here’s a quick little diddy about DC and the Ruling class. The mayor, a Democrat, has instituted a mask mandate across the District. Everyone three-years or older has to wear them, but government employees and lawmakers are exempt.

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“Under the new Mayor’s Order on masks, people must wear a mask when they leave their homes if they are likely to come into contact with another person for more than a fleeting moment,” the mayor’s office states.

“The enforcement provisions of this Order shall not be applied to persons in the judicial or legislative branches of the District government while those persons are on duty; and shall not apply to any employees of the federal government while they are on duty,” the order states.

Not to worry. This in no way validates any of the political class country class division we’ve talked about for years. They are not better or smarter, nor do they have more rights than you or I, except when do.

And that ruling class superiority will never manifest itself through force of law, order, or enforcement except that it already has and will.

Because the real war is not a race war, that is just a distraction. The real war is not about color or sex or gender or income, or even opportunity. The real battle is between the political elites and the rest of us.

Don’t let it concern you. Keep wearing your mask, and social distancing, and cowering at home, even though neither they nor their “protesters” need to do any of those things.

And whatever you do, don’t risk going to the polls in November. You can trust the Government’s postal service to deliver your vote on time and uncompromised, into the hands of partisan government bureaucrats who will ensure it is not lost or disposed of or miscounted.

Yeah. It’ll all be okay—nothing to see here.