Data Point - Dow movement year to date - Granite Grok

Data Point – Dow movement year to date


As was pointed out by Randall in the GranitGrok Group, there is a rebound happening on Wall Street:

Dow movement year to date

Look at the March time frame and remember back a bit (doesn’t feel like it’s been years instead of just four short months?) and how the mainstream press was POUNDING in self-righteous silliness of how Trump’s economy was failing – the linchpin to his Presidency to date and that he now had nothing else to run on for re-election. Trump predicted a V-shape recovery…

…I dryly note that at least the stock market is V shape (albeit a bit distorted on the right). Certainly employment, which absolutely plummeted when State and local government lockdown their economies, is soaring well beyond “the experts” expectations. Yet, the MSM is remaining rather quiet on this uptick. It’s almost like in trying to crush Trump on the downswing, wanting to give the impression it was his fault, they’re deliberately aren’t willing to give give him any credit for the upswing.

Interesting, eh?

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