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Black Lives Matter Humiliates Sununu … Sununu Responds by Groveling Even More

So this:

And how did his Excellency respond? By defending the President again the patently false smear that he is a White supremacist?


Our “GOP Governor” did not utter a word in defense of the President. From NH Journal:

… the governor told NHJournal, he still supports the BLM cause.

“We very much support the Black Lives Matter message,” he said Tuesday in response to their criticism. “But the idea that I can prevent the president from coming, or that that would even be appropriate, isn’t really practical.”

Sununu went on to single out New Hampshire’s BLM organizations for “acting constructively and productively…. they’ve done a very good job, not just of having a message, but managing it in a very good way.”

Unbelievable. No pushback on the LIE that the President is a “White supremacist,” AND on top of that Sununu heaps praise on the LIARS. And, on top of that, the suggestion that he would bar Trump if there were a “practical” way of doing so.


And let’s not forget what the message of Black Lives Matter is, the message that Sununu “very much supports”: Marxism and apartheid.

According to NH Journal … who is Michael Graham whose twitter-handle is “Conservative Not Crazy” …

suggesting he believes you are crazy if you are more conservative than he is … Sununu’s embrace of Black Lives Matter is a political stroke of genius:

By supporting the BLM movement, Sununu undermines Democrats’ attempts to turn him into Trump, Jr. …

And by simply not denouncing Trump — by avoiding a petty political fight over masks or rallies — Sununu avoids annoying the NHGOP base, but without embracing a Republican president who’s underwater by double digits in New Hampshire.

Activist BLM voters are never going to vote for Sununu. … Their attacks remind moderates that Sununu’s one of them.

And by attacking Sununu for not treating Trump the same way they do, Democrats are reminding local Republicans that he’s one of their own. Even members of the cranky, ReopenNH wing of the party are likely to respond with, “Hey — anyone Ray Buckley hates this much can’t be all bad.”

Sununu’s going to have a few more uncomfortable days leading up to Saturday’s rally, but the final result is almost certain to be a net plus for his 2020 campaign.

If you want to use the term “crazy,” I think it is crazy to think conservatives are this simplistic – that they are going to overlook Sununu’s embrace of and groveling to Black Lives Matter – a Communist/racist organization; his boycott of the Trump rally; his refusal to defend Trump against BLM’s patently false “White supremacist” smear; his junk-science COVID lockdown; his support of Obamacare; his support of biological males playing on girls’ school-sports teams; etc. etc. etc. … just because Ray Buckley sends out a few ridiculous tweets calling Sununu a Trump clone.