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Because Nothing Says “Science” Like Threatening to Jail Anyone Who Challenges Your Theory

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It’s time for another episode of jail the climate deniers. This time our contestants are three “professors” at the University of Exeter, and they are concerned about the “spread of spurious information. This circulates online and frequently ends up being discussed in established media or by people in the public eye.”

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We’ve made it a hobby of ours to take the false information provided by folks just like these professors (about climate and change) and demonstrate how nothing they predict comes true.

And we don’t have to go far. We’ve got plenty of local fraud right here.

The Concord Monitor’s Granite Geek took a trip down memory lane opining on not just what a great story is Climate Change but how its effects have exceeded their worst-case scenarios. A journey that not only forgot to mention why they stopped calling it global warming along the way (it stopped warming), it left all the exaggerated, completely inaccurate baggage behind as well.

A problem we remedied with a quaint list of more than 40 of the most significant prediction fails to date.

Then there’s the “artist” who crafted a series of blatant lies placed around Durham New Hampshire. These fake ‘Historic Markers’ dubbed part of the seacoast remembrance project, detailed “some future action that was taken as a result of climate chaos (or presumably because of our failure to act on it).”  This comes to us form the same world view that predicted Hampton beach would be gone. Right now. No longer there. But if you drive to Hampton is looks the same as it did 70 years ago.

Yeah, let’s jail people who challenge that sort of ‘science.’ Well, sorry, it’s not actually about science. It’s about economics. And a few of them readily admit this, including New Hampshire’s own Mindi Messmer. It’s about wealth inequality. That’s one of those colloquialisms for Socialism. And what that means is that a tyrannical political system with experts who get nothing right believes there should be “punishments, such as fines or imprisonment for refusing to accept their unquestioned rule.

So, Socialism got it.

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