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Twitter Trolls, Hackers, and Snowflakes, Oh My!

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Last week was exciting. Someone created a Twitter account to point out how pathetic ‘Grok’s Twitter engagement was. We were in jail for a year so it’s not great. Theirs was worse, which I pointed out, but they insisted on claiming that GraniteGrok had no reach so I shared this and ruined their day.

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As Old Media Shifts Focus Online GraniteGrok Continues to Dominate the Space.” Our Alexa ranking in NH continues to outpace every print media digital footprint in the Granite State except the Union leader, whom we surpass now and again. The Troll’s Tweets (magically) disappeared, and the troll blocked us. 

I guess they were not as interested in our reach.

Next, someone tried to break into the back end of We get an absurd number of attempted intrusions daily. There are millions of them over the course of days and weeks. It’s hardly worth mentioning except that this attempted intrusion came from Portsmouth, New Hampshire (not China, or Russia, or any of the dozen other countries that poke at the firewall regularly). I’m sure a lot of sites get that, but Portsmouth, New Hampshire?

We blocked them and blacklisted their IP. Any new attempts from the area will only heighten our curiosity about the individual(s) involved.

Finally, we have the California Trans – plant, Gracie Gato. This transwoman Liberal snowflake opened up a broadside on Twitter (out of the blue), saying there should be a class-action lawsuit against Skip. Mr. Murphy was tickled when I told him and proceeded to poke his attacker. “She” snapped. So, he poked a bit more. After a screed of tweets and F-Bombs, the snowflake announced that “she” was blocking GraniteGrok. I think she may have said it was to stop us from harassing her. Translation: we didn’t lay down or roll over.

Gato has promised a string of blog posts with fact-checked material that will prove something about something about I hope she isn’t fact-checking us with CNN or MSNBC. That won’t go well. But she also says she has lawyers and funding and is a start-up and everything. And she’s connected. Oooooh.

Just about everyone in NH is “connected,” get over yourself.