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New Hampshire’s Ilhan Omar – State Rep. Ryan Buchanan?

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Who is Ryan Buchanan, really, and is he New Hampshire’s Ilhan Omar?

I ask, of course, because Ilhan Omar said “some people did something,” in regards to 9/11. The largest domestic terror attack in our history, killing 2,977 Americans in a few short hours, and minimized it to “some people did something.”

This isn’t a new story. Republicans have been “pouncing” on it for a while, in fact. But, Ryan Buchanan, State Representative from Concord, took it a step further!

In a public Facebook post, Rep. Buchanan shared a tweet that calls 9/11 a FAILED TERRORIST ATTACK. Yes, the attack that killed 2,977 Americans in a few short hours, and shortened the lives of scores of first responders that responded that day.

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So, do the families of the 2,977 consider 9/11 a failed attack? For that matter, do that families of the first responders who’s lives were drastically shortened think it was a failure? How about New Yorkers or Americans at large?

Now, drawing parallels between the government (over)reaction to 9/11 and the government (over)reaction to COVID-19 is fair, because both events have resulted in a drastic loss of freedom for citizens.

They both have expanded the State and unconstitutional government overreaches. Both reactions were drastic, sweeping, and costly for taxpayers.

That’s not what Bernie-Bro Ryan is doing here. On the contrary, Ryan is arguing for MORE government power. In his fairy tale socialist utopia, led by Bernie and Volinsky, masks would be mandatory. Recalcitrants would be sent to re-education gulags straight away.

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White Supremacy?

Heaven forbid you’re wearing a Hawaiian shirt! That definitely signifies your “white supremacy”, and therefore your support of the “Boogaloo” (slang for the next revolution/civil war that’s become popular online.)

During today’s House session he happened to snap a picture of Reps. Tim Lang and James Spillane wearing Hawaiian shirts in the “Freedom Seats” in the upper levels of the Whittemore Center at UNH.

He said, (emphasis added:)

“I am in session, we are voting on laws to protect the wellbeing and welfare of the people of New Hampshire, all of them. Yet we have Republicans wearing a well know outfit of the Boogaloo movement, right now in session.Hawaiian shirts are not allowed during session at anytime and right now they are just blow horns to those looking forward to a race war/ 2nd civil war in the country. Worn by those who believe in white supremacy. Yet this session and last session we had Representative wearing them.”

Rep. Spillane, who was removed from his committee this session for tweeting pictures of a dead squirrel, says he’d never heard of the boogaloo.

“If they were marijuana leaves no one would care at all, but apparently pineapples are bad,” Spillane told GraniteGrok.

Yes I did wear a tropical Bermuda shirt. So did Tim Lang. We decided since we sweat our butts off in that building last time we would dress casual. I don’t even know what a boogaloo is and we’re filing an official request for reprimand to the speaker’s new social media committee.

James Spillane (R-Deerfield) to GraniteGrok

The comments on the original post are probably not going the way Bernie Buchanan thought they would. Instead, with 147 comments as of this post, not many are in favor of his “white supremacist” accusation.

So, take a look at his profile and decide if this is the future New Hampshire deserves. Do we really need New Hampshire’s Ilhan Omar in the State Legislature?