Irony Alert: Seattle's Leftist Autonomous Zone Enforces Border "walls"- Uses Stop-and-Frisk - Granite Grok

Irony Alert: Seattle’s Leftist Autonomous Zone Enforces Border “walls”- Uses Stop-and-Frisk

CHAZ City 206 Wikicommons - The Seattle Autonomous Zone

Irony, thy name is CHAZ. That’s the acronym for the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone. It is the section of Seattle seized by militant far-left activists and declared independent from America. Did you know that they have strict border enforcement? 

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That’s just too damn funny.

These are many of the same goons who have been after ICE and DHS to close up shop. By “after” I mean, attacks, attempted firebombs, you know – peaceful forms of protest.

Ben Shapiro summed it up when he notes, “CHAZ was established to get rid of police brutality, walls, and stop-and-frisk. They’ve replaced them with brutality by armed bands, fences, and stop-and-frisk. Tom Wolfe could not write a better parody.”

When can we expect Democrats to speak out against that injustice?

The answer is never because when they rule that is inevitable, they just can’t bring themselves to tell you that.

And, of course, we reported a few days ago how their transwoman lesbian vegan leader was begging for food because the homeless people stole it all. Well, a new problem. CHAZ doesn’t have its own fire department.

A dumpster fire struck near the CHAZ border Wednesday night, and demonstrators were reportedly forced to take drastic measures: They apparently had to seek international aide by calling Seattle’s fire department.

The not-so ‘autonomous zone is also accepting other forms of international aid like plumbing and electricity and broadband/wifi, for which someone else is paying. But they are, like, you know, independent.

And, as with all experiments in anarchy as a form of self-rule, the guy with the most guns has seized control of enforcing the rules, as he sees them. In the absence of this, the mob rules.

In one instance, a young man was accused of stealing a phone from another protester. A crowd quickly surrounded him and tried to interrogate him, with one individual brandishing a baseball bat in the man’s face.

And for the record, this is what politicians are supporting when they say they stand with Black Lives Matter. This is their “solution” to all the injustices they spout—one with an armed warlord who also reportedly a homophobe.

Peace-out, hippies.