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Data Point – City Crime Rates and Political Parties

Blue Lives Matter

Every once in awhile I come across things like this – fun for me to put up, not so much that have to live there. It is a list of the highest crime cities in America and the political party of their mayor.

And of course, the last time there was a Republican Administration in those places:

Now, just THINK of what will happen if this Leftist Craziness of “Defund the Police” comes to fruition?

It may not take too long as it seems that the Atlanta PD is experiencing a really bad case of Blue Flu, Minneapolis is all of a sudden experiencing a rather sudden “aging out” of their force with “retirements” starting to pile up, and rumors of the NYC PD going out on “strike” on July 4th. And those are just the ones I’ve seen.  A good way to keep morale up, eh?

Remember, too, that while they may have stayed on the job (at least showing up for roll call) after the Freddie Gray incident, the Baltimore police decided they were no longer going to put themselves “out” there and the murder and overall crime rates soared.

Why put yourself at risk, either for your career or your life, for top management that either has already indicated they don’t like their police forces, are already on the Defund bandwagon (like in Minneapolis), or are willing to throw you under the bus at the first glimpse of trouble for their re-election?

(H/T: Instapundit)