CNN Put's "Racist Wall" Around Atlanta Headquarters in Case - 'Protesters' - Granite Grok

CNN Put’s “Racist Wall” Around Atlanta Headquarters in Case – ‘Protesters’

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That thing called CNN continues to deliver life as parody, or is it parody as life? And we get a twofer this time—a double-tap of hypocrisy. The riot stoking, protest network has put up a security fence around the Atlanta headquarters. You know, a racist ‘wall.’

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I bet you need ID too. Racist bastards.

CNN is, of course, on the front line of opposing walls, fences, and barriers, except around DNC conventions, Autonomous zones run by left-wing radicals, and the homes of rich liberals or Democrat politicians. Those are fine. Everything else is verboten—proof of a crime against humanity you white supremacist fascist hater.

And, naturally, Twitter had its way with CNN, like always. Here’s one example.

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I’m surprised Twitter didn’t flag him for that.

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