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NH Democrat Executive Council Votes Prove That Being Black Doesn’t Matter

Ryan Terrell

Governor Sununu’s latest appointee to be rejected by the partisan Democrat majority on the Executive Council (EC) is Ryan Terrell. Ryan is a young black man nominated by Gov. Sununu for the State School board. A body sorely in need of some diversity, according to at least one Democrat on the Council who voted no.

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That would be my Democrat Executive Councilor, Deb Pignatelli.

And you can see Councilor (and Dem Candidate for Governor) Andru Volinsky’s quoted remark. Demeaning and tokenism.

Can you imagine if a Republican said that at any time about the nomination of a “minority” American or any member of an identity politics group? Even without the current rioting or national focus on discrimination. They’d get tarred and Feathered, driven from office, if possible.

But here is a professional hypocrat (Andru Volinsky) running for the chance to replace Chris Sununu as governor, suggesting just that. With (white, Democrat) Councilors Cryans and Pignatelli, riding alongside.


From what I have heard, Ryan is a smart guy who is effective at articulating ideas. Very well-spoken. And he’s got something the Board needs. Different eyes and experiences regarding education. A thing that a state filled with “too many white people” in need of leaders of color could use – according to Democrats on every other day of the year. That alone should have made him more than qualified.

But this trio of affirmative action Democrats couldn’t find space for a young man (another demographic we need) on our State Board of Education. Why? Because I am right about Democrats. They do not care about blacks, women, gays, or any other identity group if they cannot use them to advance their political agenda.

If George Floyd had been gunned down or choked out in another black on black inner-city homicide (with or without video), no one would ever know his name. That’s because those thousands of black lives lost to violence annually in Democrat-run cities don’t matter to Black Lives Matter, or Antifa, or the Democrat party.

They. Don’t. Care. A person’s race is not a matter of interest to the left unless that person is advancing left-wing interests. 

Ryan Terrell’s nomination, while fulfilling everything Democrats claim we need, is demeaning tokenism because Ryan is the wrong, black guy. He’s a Republican.

Ryan might suggest crazy ideas like vouchers that allow the money to follow the student somewhere other than the government-run public schools. Like a charter school, a private school, (Religious Schools, eek!), or in support of homeschooling with or without remote learning options. Things that may serve the needs of the students and the parents but not the needs of the Democrat party or the Teachers Unions that donate to them.

 If you think the Democrat party has your back that is a lie. They only care about your identity if it advances their identity, Democrat Socialism.  No one else need apply. And that is a warning you all need to heed. If Democrats ever get what they want, the one-party state, they will no longer have any use for anyone who is not one of them no matter how you identify.