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The Plandemic Movie – Excerpt Two: If You Are Healthy Do not Wear a Mask – You Are Doing More Harm than Good

Big Brother 1984 Mask Coronavirus

You may be familiar with this global flip-flop. Wear a mask, don’t wear a mask. We have stores asking you to wear them (I refuse) and governors demanding you do. We also have health experts on both sides, saying yes and no. Is there a place for them?

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Our next snippet from the Plandemic Movie focuses on the question of wearing masks and sheltering in place. The short answer is that unless you are at high-risk (older folks or those with serious preexisting conditions) or already sick, wearing a mask is worse for you than the threat of catching the Wuhan Flu.

By over-sanitizing, wearing gloves and masks, and obsessive hand-washing, these experts say you are training your current immune system to go to sleep. In the absence of the day to day bacterial exposure that is part of life, 

“It reduces your bacterial flora. It doesn’t allow you to interact with society and your bacteria flora and your viruses, your friends that protect you from other diseases, go away, and now you are more likely to get opportunistic infections. Infections that are hoping you don’t have your good bugs fighting for you.”

And then we come out of shelter in place and start sharing bacteria and viruses back and forth, what do you think is going to happen?”

Plus, this from Dr. Judy Mikovits: “Wearing the mask literally activates your own virus. You’re getting sick from your own reactivated coronavirus expressions. And if it happens to be SARS COV2 (Wuhan Flu), then you’ve got a big problem.

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And we will have a big problem.

Given the number of people who are wearing masks in public when they shop (including that douchebag in Walmart Yesterday who tried to pull a Kathy Sullivan on me), the odds are excellent that they will get sick. And not necessarily from Chinese Flu. It could be from dozens of other potential causes they would typically never notice, but that are now able to penetrate their weakened immune systems.

Check it out.


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