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Team Trump’s Newest Ad: We Will Make America Great Again! (America’s Comeback!)

Health Care Thank You President Trump

Tom Perez, that DNC chairman-guy who worked so hard to get dopey-gropey Joe Biden, the nomination had an email out this morning about jobs. We’ve “lost” over 20 million jobs last month. Not precisely Mr. DNC chair-guy. But we’ll go with that.

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We didn’t “lose them.” They are still there. The government side-lined them. Governors did that. And in states like New Hampshire, your Democrats want more of them side-lined, for longer.

So, you may want to chat with (DNC vice-chair) Ray Buckley, (retired NC committeewoman) Kathy Sullivan, Lenny and Squiggy (Dan Feltes and Andru Volinsky) and our other NHDem party leaders. They’re not quite ready to sell your narrative about “all the hard work” Barack and Joe did. They’re still working hard to keep Granite Staters out of work.

Besides, if you bring it up too often, someone might point out that neither Barry nor Joe could create an economy with a GDP above 3%. The new normal; we were told to accept a lesser America. A more subdued economic reality.

Get used to it; you will never see better. Under Democrats, I believe that. It might be one of the most honest things they’ve ever said.

But Trump and Republicans destroyed that. Record low unemployment across the board, including for minorities and young people. Historical low unemployment. Booming economy.

Which brings us to your next problem?

For over two years, Democrats and their media air cover have been praying for an economic collapse. They were predicting it and praying for it – a job-killing, wealth-killing collapse. And when it loomed, they were okay with it ruining people’s livelihoods and retirements. Happy to see it happen. 

Next Problem? Before you were for lockdowns forever, you were against them.

You’ve got several narrative problems that can be easily distilled down to what is truly important to Democrats. Power.

You do not care about people, or jobs, or lives. All you care about is politics. If 20 million lost jobs aren’t enough to dislodge Trump, you’ll work to make sure it’s 50 million. Then you’ll blame someone else.

The government response to an unknown pathogen is why these jobs got side-lined. The Democrat response is why they’d stay that way. Democrat Governor’s and a few Republicans who are in more trouble than they know, are leading this charge—holding us back.

Donald Trump and a growing number of American’s have other ideas. They want to Make America Great Again. They also know that even with eight years (two of them with complete control of Congress), neither Barack Obama or Joe Biden, not Nancy Pelosi, or any of them, had a clue how to do it.

Trump did it first thing and then kept it going. And we watched him do it. 

I think, knowing what we know, they trust him more than any Democrat to make it happen again.

Here’s Team Trump’ latest Ad – America’s Comeback