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Republicans Win Two Congressional Special Elections – Take Back a Seat in CA They Lost in 2018


Remember Katie Hill? She’s an example of the kind of Democrat you get in a wave election. She won a Republican seat in 2018 then had to give it up after some very odd behavior involving nudity, sex, and staffers. The race to replace her was Tuesday, and the Republican won.

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On the same day, up in Wisconsin, another Republican won another special election, this in a traditionally Republican district. 

What does that mean?

One headline I read said signs of another Blue Wave in 2020. Really? A wave election seat returns to Republicans in California, and that’s your lead? I’m not saying they are wrong. I’m just saying, huh? 

The titular party leader, Joe “Grabbed her by the p***y” Biden is running his campaign from his basement and struggling. Andy ‘The Ventilator’ Cuomo, Democrat’s latest great white hope, botched New York’s response to COVID-19, but he’s not Biden, so they could nominate him – or not. Wait, Stacey Abrams!  And she’s not white. Yea, sure – Blue Wave.

Honestly, I have no idea what to expect. All those historic job gains for blacks, Hispanics, and teens have been erased by the States’ political response to the Scary Virus. A situation they are hoping to prolong until at least the November election because, reasons!

Screw the blacks, Hispanics, young workers, and everyone else. Politics, baby!

(Pardon all the exclamation points!!!)

As for CA and WI, I’m sure some will say that the current voting ‘situation’ suppressed turnout, and maybe it did, or maybe Republicans were more motivated or not as scared as the Dems. At this point, it’s a challenge to guess at much of anything, not that my guessing was ever that great when it comes to such things.

Calling elections is not my verb, so I try not to do it. But perception is huge. It can move mountains of independent voters, and these days those are the people who decide winners and losers. So, these victories for the GOP may not have had anything to do with party registration turnout. If that’s true, it does mean something, and a repeat blue wave is not on the top of the list.

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