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When Joe Biden Says, “I’m Going to Beat Joe Biden,” I Believe Him

Joe Biden wink

Joe Biden emerged from his hole yesterday. We do not have word yet on whether he saw his own shadow and what that might mean for his campaign for President. What we do have is this, and it’s not promising for the professional politician from Maryland.

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Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden on Friday appeared to tell CNBC he will defeat himself in the November election.

“I’m prepared to say that I have a record of over 40 years and that I’m going to beat Joe Biden,” Biden said. “Look at my record.”

Politicians are not known for their honesty, and Joe’s gaffes are not deliberate, but it sounds truthful. Joe Biden is beating Joe Biden. Every time he opens his mouth.

It has to be difficult. I mean, for Democrats. The entire primary campaign season. Every moment, every breath, every action has been predicated on one point. No, not based on ability, or competence, appearance, or even policy. The Left was looking for the One. The candidate who could beat Trump. And this was their guy.

If you still feel comfortable letting Democrats run anything after that, you should have your head examined. Get in line behind Joe Biden.

And yes, I did say “was” their guy. The Primary process, over which the Democrat machine itself has no confidence – another warning sign the rank and file seem unwilling to see – chose Uncle Joe. The same machine that worked against Bernie Sanders twice and will now find and elevate a replacement for Biden, who may not make it to November mentally.

The only question I have, and it is one that’s been suggested here before, is not who, but how? 

The more politically cynical part of me, as opposed to the typically cynical bits, wonders if the shutdown narrative isn’t just about trying to ruin the economy to damage Trump. What if they are, in some corners, planning to use it to plot Joe Biden’s timely demise?

I have said before that elevating an alternative becasue Joe Biden had to “leave the campaign prematurely” improves their odds in any circumstance. The DNC already wants a different candidate. What if he “dies” from the Coronavirus over the summer?

They can’t run this November with Biden, and they know it. There’s a lot of political juice in that narrative for a party that can’t catch a break.  And America’s Baghdad Bob Media would do their part, whatever the cause which leaves us with the other question. Is his replacement Hillary Clinton or someone else, and if not Clinton who?