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Democrat Bucket List: An America with Chinese Characteristics

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China is a communist country. Making people disappear is a thing you don’t ask about unless you want to disappear. Rights are not a thing; you don’t have any. But the CCP discovered something important. Markets. Communism needs money, but communism is a disincentive to create wealth.

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China embraced Markets, sort of, and called it Communism with Chinese Characteristics. What’s that?

A broad term for political theories and policies that are seen by their proponents as representing Marxism–Leninism adapted to Chinese circumstances and specific time periods.

The brutal, uncompromising tyranny of communism when needed – complete with no human or natural rights whatsoever – but that makes a little bit of money and lets you think you might be able to keep some. Not so much.

Here in America, the Democrat party regards “Communism with Chinese Characteristics as a model to emulate. No, they don’t hate Russia – despite all the talk. They love Russia. But as Ethan Epstein notes over at the Washington Examiner,

Nobody wants to import the “Russia model”—that of a declining petro-state with a plummeting population, shrinking lifespans, low growth, and serious fiscal problems. Vladimir Putin can, and does, make mischief outside his borders, but his method of governance is not something that anyone wants to emulate.

The American left would take Russian Communism if they could get it, but China’s “compromise” is much more appealing. And they are well on their way. It’s not that big of a step from killing unborn humans for their organs to killing for them after they are born. It requires the same logical leap as slavery – another feature of the American Democrat party. You just decide that they are not really people.

Call them Americans with Falun Gong Characteristics. Or they could be Christian pastors, conservative bloggers, homeschoolers, or any group of pro-liberty ‘subversives’ who object to the idea that government is the thing to which we all belong to or else!

Democrats love the Chinese. They gave a lot of money to Bill and Hillary and Obama. Dianne Feinstein’s Driver was a Chinese Spy. Hillary’s server provided the Chinese with every unsecured top-secret document she trafficked there and they were many. Along with every email on State Department business. Plus, the yoga classes and wedding plans for good measure. And if anyone thinks the Hildabeast lost a second of sleep over that, the answer is no. Paying a price for it concerned her but not the crime itself.

Democrats are the party of the People(‘s Republic of China). They are people who idolize Mao and wish we could get things the way China does them. All the things.

An America with Chinese characteristics. A wealthy ruling class with all the force necessary to make the people do what they want or disposed of them when they refuse. And China is trying to help.

China has influence in the universities, the major media, and the Democrat Party. And they’d do anything to get rid of the Trump guy. He’s a real thorn in their side because he believes in an America with American Characteristics. And the professional left can’t stand that or him or anyone who supports him. And as soon as they have the votes or the power, they’ll do something about it.

Your job is to get out and vote to make sure they never do.