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Data Point – About Wearing Those Masks…

N95 Masks

Since Steve has just kicked off the latest GraniteGrok Poll, this time on masks, I thought this was rather interesting especially with all of the COVID Karens, #Maskholes, and Snitchers-in-Chief candidates running around the NH political landscape trying to change our “Live Free or Die” to “Herd Me till I Die.

(I’m stealing that last phrase from Steve):

face mask usage

So, NH State Rep Sallie Fellows, in part, had this to say:

A very small minority of self-centered people think being able to shop without a mask is more important than saving lives.

Which was the part that caught my attention (sorta). Frankly, the Democrat/ Progressive/Socialist modus operandi is to ALWAYS establish that they are morally superior to you in an argument –   and she established that with her “self-centered people” bit.  That’s a Data Point all on its own but not the purpose of this post.

The “very small minority” part is.

If the above poll is to be believed, 32% of people aren’t regularly wearing masks ((% + 11% + 12% = 32%).  Now add in, perhaps, 25% of that 16% of wear a mask “most of the time” (and I bet 25% is low) and you have a total of 35% of people aren’t wearing masks.

So Fellows is wrong on both counts – she can’t count and she’s certainly not morally superior to those that don’t wear masks.

In fact, she’s one of the Intolerant #Maskholes – as she is Judging others.

I have to wonder about that as isn’t the Democrat Party the one that says they don’t judge people?

(H/T: Huffington Post (yeah, I know….) vis Hot Air)