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Crowdstrike – Yeah, We Have No Evidence Russia Stole the DNC’s Emails

Mexican President Wants Answers

Democrats are losing collusion narratives faster than the COVID-Economy is losing jobs. The Flynn case did not just collapse it exposed epic-level malfeasance by high ranking members of the FBI. A slippery slope sliding directly toward Lord-God Barak Obama. So, is this new revelation worse?

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When the DNC got hacked it refused to let the Feds touch a thing. Talk about a demonstration of faith in the monster of your own creation. They hired a Democrat shadow front, Crowdstrike, to take a look. This is like Saddam Hussein hiring one of his sons to investigate him.

The DNC clearly had things to hide that were not hacked, because what was released was devastating. Crowdstrike’s job was to distract (much the way the left and the media handled Hillary’s illegal server) by blaming everyone else for things until we forgot how it started.

But the crimes committed were so enormous and so over-reported that it is impossible to forget. Which is fine as long as your narrative holds up. But declassified documents are exposing the scope of the mess Democrats made and the lies they told to pin them on someone else.

Crowdstrike, under oath, admitted that there is no evidence the Russians hacked the DNC, with transcript attached to this Tweet by Aaron Mate.

I want to stress what a pretty big revelation this is. Crowdstrike, the firm behind the accusation that Russia hacked & stole DNC emails, admitted to Congress that it has no direct evidence Russia actually stole/exfiltrated the emails.

Big, indeed!

The entire pre-dawn raid and prosecution of Roger Stone (complete with Media present) were based on Mueller claiming Stone had connections to Wikileaks and a Russian DNC hack that never happened.

A devastating hack, we were told, that tainted the election.

An entire corporate media cottage industry sprung up, regurgitated by Democrats everywhere. And three years later we learn that Crowdstrike admitted there was no evidence. 

That’s an interesting coincidence.

  • General Flynn was rounded up and frames based on no evidence.
  • The Entire Russian Collusion narrative and investigation which produced no proof was based on no evidence (Steele’s debunked dossier).
  • The Democrat’s impeachment investigation over a call to Ukraine (reported by a fake whistleblower and accepted by a corrupted IG) was based on no evidence.
  • Adam Schiff insisted the 2017 House Intel transcripts showed proof of collusion with Russia but once released there was no evidence.
  • Carter Page was framed on FBI falsified reports based on not just no evidence but hiding exculpatory evidence.
  • George Papadopoulos got the same treatment as Page.
  • The Corporate media sold all of it 24/7/365 as if it were all gospel to the American public, are now left with the problem that there is no evidence to support any of it.

The evidence we do have points to a cabal of high ranking Obama Intelligence officials working with the DNC and the Clinton Campaign to spy on a political opponent and then remove him from office after he was elected.

Who wants to put money on more evidence coming out about this cabal, the lack of any tangible proof to substantiate any of their accusations, and a path leading to both Clinton and Obama.

Order more popcorn.