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Mueller Search Warrant May Have Been Based On DNC Narrative and Not Actual Evidence


Mueller’s investigation was a joke. And if it that were not funny enough, new information has come to light. Evidence for Warrants leading to at least one pre-dawn raid may not actually exist.

Roger Stone had his house invaded by Federal Agents one morning. Part of the justification for this was the assertion that Stone was involved with Wikileaks who is alleged to have released DNC emails provided by Rusian hackers.

The only “evidence” of this is a statement by a third-party employed by the DNC.

The idea that Mueller “proved” that the GRU hacked the DNC has become conventional wisdom since the release of his report. We’ve seen it repeated ad nauseam in the media as an “I told you so” the past few months.

Roger Stone’s lawyers think something else is going on though.

“It is clear, however, that the government has relied on the assumptions made by a source outside the U.S. intelligence community that the Russian State was involved in the hacking and that the data taken from the various servers were given to Wikileaks.”


Crowdstrike, employed by the Democrat Party, is credited with the assertion, which the Democrats and media have repeated until it has become gospel. But where’s the actual proof?

Much like the debunked political opposition research (Steele Dossier) used by Democrats and the Media to create the Russian Collusion hoax, the “Russia hacked the DNC” story is also a product of Democrat money paying a third party for services. Hillary’s campaign paid Fusion GPS for Steele’s work. The DNC paid Crowdstrike for theirs. The FBI was forbidden to examine anything.

What evidence do they have?

Discovery is a beautiful thing. If you convince a judge to let you raid someone’s home (with a full complement of CNN cameras and crew to record it) the defendant’s lawyers are going to ask on what evidence?

Mueller is obligated to oblige. His case depends on it. If he can’t produce actual evidence, then Stone walks and given who he is, will probably sue Mueller and the Feds which he should.

Sure, the left got what they wanted at the time. CNN recorded a raid on a Trump confidant. But the long term result of that collusion has not been good for CNN. Their ratings are swirling the drain since the Muller Report failed to produce anything but another narrative with no evidence. Obstruction.

As we’ve noted in the past, good luck showing that someone innocent of the alleged crime tried to stop you from proving his innocence.

They will try because they don’t learn from history. Trump has rolled them on almost every accusation, presumption, or statement. Given the Left’s desire to press on without evidence, to the point of lying to judges to advance their political agenda, they might want to give up while they are only this far behind.

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